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Sex Stores are designed suitably to satisfy the sexual urges which are characteristic of women and men. Women and men can enjoy the best sex toys manufactured with the help of modern technology.

Sex stores for women and men enhance their sex life in many ways. Sex toys for her and him improve their sexual desire and arousal. These sex toys can also help in increasing the arousal of her partner in view of her increased sexual desire and satisfaction.



Several Sex stores for her are focussed on arousing her clitoris and women invariably look for the best clitoral vibrators and stimulators. Special vibrators that are made for a woman’s clitoris are generally smaller than other vibrators and are sold as finger or mini vibrators. Heavier vibrators are difficult to hold, wheras a mini vibrator is easier to direct and pin point the vibrations. Many clitoral vibrators are made for clitoral stimulation alone and will not be offering more enjoyment while adopted as a vaginal insertion vibrator. Other clitoral vibrators have soft interchangeable tips; jelly like add ons which may appeal to many women.

G-spot vibrators

G-spot vibrators have a tip with a curvature that stimulates a woman’s g-spot and enhance her sexual enjoyment. The curved tip enables her to access her g-spot with ease and the vibrator increases stimulation with vibrations that are pointed at her g-spot.
Rabbit vibrators
Rabbit vibrators have hit the sex toy market several years ago and have registered success since that time. The concept centres on the “rabbit” which is similar to the rabbit ears that vibrate around her clitoris when the shaft of the vibrator is inserted into her vagina. The shaft has rotating beads which that raises the biological activity of her vaginal walls.

Online sex toys

Buying online sexy toys in India is always advisable. There are no sex toy shops in India. Hence, buying online sex stores is a great option. However, make sure you keep the following tips in your mind while buying the sex toys online.

  • It is important that you choose a reliable portal to buy sexy toys.
  • In most cases, sex toys come in direct contact with your private parts. They also come into contact with your skin. Hence it is necessary to select the best brands.
  • While buying Sex toys, do not compromise on the quality. Never buy toys that come with the cheapest price tag. Low quality adult toys might cause pain or distress to you when you use them.
  • While buying toys, keep in mind the ones that you want to buy. It is important that you go through some articles or literature before you buy sex toys.
  • It is highly recommended that you go through some reviews that express views about different toys and their usage.
  • These toys are available in two options. There are toys made exclusively for men and women.
  • Sex toys are available according to the kind of sex you prefer to have. For instance – there are toys that are meant for rough love making while there are others that are designed for passionate love making.
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