Top Dating Sites

Not knowing the basics of dating is a major reason why people who have been dating for years are left frustrated by the experience and their lack of success, advanced dating techniques will never work if the basics are wrong. For all those just starting out in the dating game and for those who have been around for a while but never had any real luck, here is online dating tips 101 the foundation of dating success.

The first thing to know is that according to some studies each person is really compatible with just 0.2% of the population so it is important to get out there and meet as many people as you can. Love at first sight is a one in a million chance and most people have to spend a long time dating before they get to meet the right person for them.


Knowing where to look for dates is the first thing to learn and while workplaces and schools are obvious places, there are many more (like bars and clubs) if you just look around. Build up your circle of friends and meet more people. Because you never know where love may be lurking. There are millions of people looking for dates and speeddating, chat rooms and online dating sites are great places to meet them, the sheer number of people to be met makes your chances of success high.

If you want to get a date, the first impression you make is very important and it all begins with your physical appearance. There’s no such thing as physical perfection, even though some individuals might be better looking than others, a great makeover and a few guidelines on how to dress can turn anyone into a dating success.

And after you get your appearance right, the next thing to work on is how you present yourself, you need confidence to show you are not needy, but overdoing it can be a big turn off to most people; so ensure you strike the right balance between confidence and arrogance.

Some people are naturally confident and others have to work at it, if you belong to the latter type, start going to bars and night clubs with some friends and watch how others approach strangers and get talking to them, and be sure to use any of the styles that work and which suit your personality. And once you have approached someone and started a conversation you need to ensure that you can keep it going, there are many techniques you can pick up from online guides that will allow you use words to kindle his or her interest.