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We have a simple Relationship Advice: the key to a healthy relationship is communication, trust and respect. You can minimize conflict by expressing thoughts, needs, and wants. Without trust a relationship is built off of misguidance and unbelief. If your relationship is lacking respect many negative things can come from this.


A healthy relationship should be one that respects individuality, embraces differences and allows each person to be themselves. A healthy relationship should be one that resolves conflict in a peaceful and rational way. Open communication, commitment, equality, and acceptance are all traits that should be present in a healthy relationship.

The forum above “Healthy Relationships” defines what a healthy relationship is. It shows the signs, qualities, and characters traits of a healthy relationship, all things you wish to have. It also touches on what an unhealthy relationship is.

An abusive relationship is the opposite of a healthy relationship. Not all abuse is physical. Emotional abusive is real and is also a problem. The above video describes how to define an emotionally abusive relationship, the signs for it, and solutions. Signs you may be in an abusive relationship are when one partner is more dominant, a partner tells you how to dress, and manipulation plays a part, or your partner pressures you to do something.