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Journelle 5stars

Established in 2007.

Journelle is a new breed of lingerie store, designed for sophisticated women who share a taste for beautiful, quality underthings. Launched in New York City in 2007, Journelle quickly became one of the world’s top lingerie stores, earning highest honors from Zagat and becoming a destination for lingerie lovers near and far. We are especially proud of our serene store environment, our tastefully curated lingerie selection and our warm, witty team of lingerie connoisseurs.

125 Mercer St, New York, NY 10012
Payment Method: All Major Credit Cards
Sun – Mon 11:00am – 8:00pm

Bra Tenders 5stars

Our appointment based, personalized bra fittings help each client receive the time and attention she needs to make the best selections for her wardrobe of intimates.  Our Professional fit specialists help every woman determine her proper size, and we specialize in full busted sizes, D-K cups.  When you make an appointment to shop at Bra Tenders, it’s all about You! With over 30 years experience helping to shape the beautiful costumes for theatre, film and television, we can help you look like a star too.  Make your appointment to have an Uplifting Experience of your own!!
630 9th Ave, Ste 601, New York, NY 10036
Payment Method: All Major Credit Cards
Mon – Sat 10:00am – 6:00pm

La Petite Coquette 5stars

We specialize in luxurious lingerie, bra fittings and bridal/honemoon lingerie. Rebecca Apsan and all her sales staff are experienced to be the best bra fitters in the city! Rebecca is the author of “The Lingerie Handbook” c. 2006, in which she shares her 30 years of experience with the world. Her motto: “Stop Wearing Underwear, Start Wearing LIngerie!” has been a big influence in the lingerie industry.

“If anyone knows lingerie, it’s Rebecca. She makes unmentionables addictively mentionable” Daily Candy founder Dany Levy.

“How lucky we are that Rebecca is sharing her expertise and enthusiasm. I love how she celebrates woman’s bodies and brings ou the little flirt in each of us.” Cindy Crawford.

Ok ladies, time to face the music or shall we say the mirror, and come in to transform your bodies and yourselves!

51 University Pl, New York, NY 10003
Payment Method: All Major Credit Cards
Mon – Sun 11:00am – 7:00pm

Magic Corsets & Lingerie 5stars

Magic Corsets & Lingerie is a Family business specializing in helping women LOOK and FEEL their Best.

Unlike the “Chains”, we provide a Professional Fitting and offer Premium Products and First-Class Service.

Unlike pushy sales people in many boutiques, we will NEVER pressure you to buy!

Many women complain they can never find anything that fits them.. We specialize in having a full range of bra sizes, From 30AA, to 54K.

We do mastectomy fittings. We sell everything from bras, to corsets, to novelties, and everything you need to look and feel your best!

7010 Austin St, Forest Hills, NY 11375
Payment Method: All Major Credit Cards
Mon – Sun 11:00am – 8:00pm


If you’re an average sized girl who thinks Victoria’s Secret fits you just fine, then this isn’t the store for you. This is the store for difficult-to-fit ladies, or ladies that don’t know what fits wrong or why.

When I came in both workers were busy with customers, so I browsed around. Most of what’s displayed are the pretty special lingerie. They “hide” the everyday bras in the drawers underneath. I’m not shy with showing my body in a bra shop (to the fitters) since that’s the only way to get properly fitted. I’m also not shy with saying what I’m looking for and only trying things on that fit those needs. They did have me try on far more than the 2 I was looking for, but that was to see how I felt in different cuts and styles of everyday bras. No one pressured me to buy everything I tried on! I wore a bra that I knew really had to be retired, so I didn’t feel guilty about wearing its replacement out the store. I wanted to make sure I got rid of a bad bra!

New York Lingerie Stores

It is on the pricier side, but for those who are hard to fit, you know the extra cash is worth it. There’s no sideboob/underboob/unfilled cups, and you feel supported and sexy. If you take care of bras right, they can last you a while. They really are an investment. The bras also aren’t exorbitant; they’re still less than $100 for normal everyday stuff. Obviously, bejeweled slinky silk will be more expensive, but that’s special occasion.

I like that they have a loyalty program although I don’t know if I’ll buy 10 bras before accidentally losing the card. The vibe of the store is very girl friend-y so I didn’t feel awkward for a typically uncomfortable experience.